About TubeFlash

Welcome to TubeFlash – original flash fiction inspired by the London Underground and a fine collection of vintage and contemporary brooches. 90 stations have been paired with brooches, inspiring writers to create a diverse collection of stories spanning the London Underground network.

Read on to find out how we started out and extended to the outer reaches of the imagination.


  • Writer who collects brooches
  • An elegant Jewellery Dealer who does not look like an elephant or a castle
  • Writing Group
  • Web Designer
  • Former BBC Studio Manager & Producer
  • Actors and voiceover artists
  • Long suffering and helpful Husband
  • Passion & Patience & Persistence


  1. Take one writer/brooch-collector and one jewellery dealer having a chat about a fancy dress party where the theme was London Underground stations.
  2. Writer/brooch-collector has eureka! moment.
  3. Ferment a flash fiction story in writer/brooch collector’s head as she travels home on the Tube.
  4. A few weeks later mix in a group of writers getting-together in the pub.
  5. Add more stories, more stations, more brooches and a few dashes of creativity.
  6. Throw in enthusiastic web designer who declares anything is possible.
  7. Have moment of madness over cup of tea with former BBC Studio Manager & Producer and decide to record the stories.
  8. Writer/brooch-collector gets carried away and finds more brooches to go with more stations – some you probably didn’t know existed.
  9. Spread the net wider, call for submissions – even more writers, visit universities, advertise, tell everyone about TubeFlash.
  10. Receive loads of great writing, settle down for Big Read In with yet more cups of tea.
  11. Select and edit 91 TubeFlash stories, publish online.
  12. Find wonderful set of actors & voiceover artists to read stories, publish on iTunes.
  13. Invite everyone involved for tea and cake, bake them at 25oC in the garden, as a way of saying thank you.

TubeFlash Garden Party