Odin’s Ravens

One by one, my ravens come. Their blackened talons scrape a shiver of anticipation up my ancient spine. Trapped down here, they are my eyes. I gave them human skin. I had only the power to create a thin illusion. A closer look would reveal a flash of black beak and oily feather. But the mortals never look. Sitting in… Read it

Not Falling Down

London Bridge isn’t falling down yet. It’s a prime piece of real estate that I’ve recently acquired – with full rights. There’s an old tale about an American buying the edifice believing it was that Victorian mechanical wonder Tower Bridge and then being disappointed that his shipped-out structure didn’t do any tricks. No, I’ve bought the actual London Bridge knowing… Read it


We’re in this together. The climate of mounting austerity is forcing all of us to make decisions about what needs to remain and what we can do without. No stone must be left unturned n our efforts to brng about what wll be a dffcult and possbly panful transton to the new order. Nobody wnts to crete   clmte of… Read it

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