A Confetti Western

The man with no name stationed himself beneath the shadow of the giant cactus. The rim of his hat almost covered his steely blue eyes – an electronic cigarette dangled moodily from a sneer that seemed indelibly etched on his lips. Stony faced and silent he observed the folks who came and went along the dusty thoroughfare. They gave him… Read it

The Belvedere-Kensington Interaction

As Geoff sat in the tearoom at Harrods waiting for Hilary to arrive he couldn’t stop thinking what his mother would have thought. She’d always taunted him that he would still be a virgin at 40. Yet here he was at 39 with a chance of converting the cyber passion he had already indulged in, twice, into real passion. “You… Read it

Values Laid Bear

I alighted at Paddington station and bought a cookie from the stand. White chocolate and raspberry, crunchy and crumbly and casting delightful smells from its snug paper bag. Before I could walk and enjoy my treat I spied a teddy bear sitting alone and forgotten against a pillar and decided I would do my good deed and take him to… Read it

Finding Samantha

You find the crescent shaped brooch on the adjacent chair where she was sitting. You take it to one of the baristas but he’s too busy to want to know. The back of the brooch is marked Samantha, Mornington Crescent. You decide to find Samantha and return it. Today’s good turn. In the street you ask directions. “Mornington Crescent? Sorry… Read it

A Great Escape

Once upon a time in Fibula Castle lived Princess Crystal. On Thursday morning in the east tower she asked her long-suffering maid Susanna “Is he here yet?” Susanna looked out of the narrow slit window for the eighth time that morning. “No, Your Highness.” Princess Crystal flopped onto the pile of satin cushions and re-read the message on her iPhone… Read it

To the Woods – Journal of a Journey Intrepidly Taken

Mud; mud everywhere. Even now, as I set down the tale, my stained notebook sheds crumbled earth, which lodges between the keys of my Mac. We crossed Bramley Road and entered a wild place. Within sight of the Tube Station, we glimpsed the scut of a rabbit disappearing amongst frozen molehills. The air so cold it almost crackled. You shattered… Read it

Silent Greeting

He saw her inside the Station, with a golden ribbon in her hair. He swept her a bow; she curtseyed in acknowledgment. Every day they passed one another in the same place. He bowed, she curtseyed, but they never spoke. They shared nothing but a smile. At an antique fair one day, he found a brooch, a little gold bow… Read it

Dramatic Encounters

“Are you a terrorist?” a thin voice quizzed. “My Daddy says to watch out for black bearded men with heavy rucksacks.” The penetrating wide eyed stare had so far failed to rouse Faizal from his feigned sleep. His legs crooked even more tightly around his rucksack. No longer able to ignore the little girl fidgeting opposite him, Faizal blinked, fumbled… Read it

Josephine & the Detective

At first, Josephine had suspected her pretty young dresser Maxine.  Who could have blamed her? They were such beautiful creations; any girl might be tempted.  But Maxine had beat her fists against the dressing room mirror and sobbed, protesting her innocence. A month later, three more exotic costumes went missing, including her famous banana outfit. Something had to be done.… Read it

The Proposal

“Go on,” I laugh, “I, a milliner’s daughter, marry a Prince?” “But you are the most desired widow in Britain,” my Prince replies. He is on his knees crawling after me. His fine buttoned waistcoat snags. “Didn’t you refuse a Duke for me?” he implores. “You know I did – that stinking old man!” My hand catching the golden thread… Read it

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