Hark, Hark, Hear Roland bark! The Barking Abbey Dog!

Look! There’s the Abbess, starlight giving an edge to the white crispness of her vaulted wimple shaped like the Abbey’s Gothic archway. Do you see another Abbess behind her and another, beyond? Endless Abbesses and arches, stretching through time? This place was already four centuries old when the Conqueror came. 1066. William has invaded, burning and sacking Saxon England. London… Read it

The Dedicated Follower

It’s strawberry season again. The Boys’ Final unfolds on the Graveyard Court. The prima donna fist-pumps of these proto-pros mimic what the men will be showing each other now. My lens elucidates the boys’ gestures. If either reaches that real Final someday, these images will prove the swagger that was in him all along. Above, guarded by rust-tipped ivy, Centre… Read it

A Classic Collection

He stood, looking at the Victor FB Deluxe Saloon, 1963, with its smooth maroon paintwork and desert sand two-tone roof. A classic in prime condition. He sighed with pleasure looking at it once again. The chrome bumpers sparkled in the sunlight. It was his. At least for now. He wondered how long this could go on. The thefts. The deceit.… Read it

Mind the Paranormal Activity

I sat between two aliens on the Bakerloo Line the other day. At first I thought they were men dressed in shiny silver foil with clothes hangers as antennae, but on closer inspection, their scaly skin was not well applied face paint but a true algae pigment, and their webbed fingers were not artificially attached, but biologically correct. They boarded… Read it

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