Jennifer is from London, to which she recently returned from exile (leaving a wood-framed house in Kent built during the Wars of the Roses for a Victorian garden flat in SW19). She has studied Creative Writing at the City Lit and City University, and is currently working on a novel.

On TubeFlash…

The Tenor of Love

When Giuseppe first sang to Elisaveta, her enchanting hazel eyes beguiled him. His heart beat in triple time. Don’t fall in love with your co-star, he thought. Her singing shimmered with emotion, but off-stage Elisaveta froze him out. Other cast members shared champagne in her dressing room, bedecked with camellias delivered under her superdiva contract. Giuseppe longed for a single… Read it

The Dedicated Follower

It’s strawberry season again. The Boys’ Final unfolds on the Graveyard Court. The prima donna fist-pumps of these proto-pros mimic what the men will be showing each other now. My lens elucidates the boys’ gestures. If either reaches that real Final someday, these images will prove the swagger that was in him all along. Above, guarded by rust-tipped ivy, Centre… Read it