Laurence was born in France where she studied Art History. Working in Paris as a guide she enjoyed story-telling. She now creates stories of her own including short fiction as well as a multi-narrative novel with interconnected lives set in a Manhattan in the aftermath of 9/11.

On TubeFlash…

“I love the man that can grow brave by reflection” – Thomas Paine

I, Hardy in name, hardy in nature, a proud political reformer, servant to working men, craftsmen, stumble through London. A waft of diseased mud from low tide tries to hold onto me with afflicting memories, my lost progeny, six lost tots. I fly along Watling Street, up Ludgate Hill, drunk with hope. I, the shoemaker, shop owner, am politically sanctioned.… Read it

Farewell Note

I love my work. I own the magician’s magic and uncanniness, the surgeon’s artistry and dexterity, the butcher’s rapaciousness. It’s about skill, fearlessness, muscle, a sparkling eye, a shining knife. Be systematic, it’s also about control. This is how it is done. Smack the chestbone to rob the heart of its breath, it quietens the voice. Use the Sleeper hold,… Read it