Rebecca is a writer, blogger, diarist and mass observer with a keen interest in ‘documenting the everyday’ through scrapbooks, journals and collage. She has written stories and poems ever since she can remember, capitalising on her vivid imagination, rich inner world and love of words. Rebecca lives in Scotland and drinks a lot of tea.

On TubeFlash…


Sewing down the straight edge to the point was the easy part, then a pause with the needle, holding the fabric to lift and swivel before continuing up the other side. Getting the curved edges right was another matter, almost impossible. The double layer of fabric had to be manoeuvred gently, gradually, as the needle raged forward biting into the… Read it

The Pact

Reaching down to the depths of my bag, fingers grazing the raw underside of the leather, I delve deeper until I feel the rigid filigreed metal of my grandmother’s gun. I trace the cool ivory handle with my fingers and in my mind, taking in the sure smooth certainty of its existence, imagine the recoil jolt that will come when… Read it