Zoe is a novelist, short story writer and journalist. She teaches creative writing at the City Lit in London.

On TubeFlash…


We stopped for coffee and discussed our purchases: shoes, dresses, tops, frilly knickers. ‘Perfect,’ we told each other, sipping our lattes. ‘You’ll look terrific in it,’ we said. We had been saying these things for decades. Sometimes they were even true. Traffic whizzed round Marble Arch, with its towering sculpture of the horse’s head, chopped off at the neck. “This… Read it

In The Loop

Heathrow Terminal 4 has an unusual station. It’s only got one platform, and all the trains go in the same direction, round a loop. It’s used by airlines you’ve never heard of, flying to places you wouldn’t want to go. Airport security tends to be more interested in who’s arriving than who’s already here, so as long as you don’t… Read it