Green Stalks

Trouble with me is, when I start I can’t stop. So I saw this boy, he must have been, hmm, seventeen? Anyway his tie caught my eye. He’s seventeen and wearing a tie? Perhaps he’s got an interview. But a tie covered with bright blue flowers? So I follow him. Down the escalator, on to the platform. He walks to the middle, just opposite the giant billboard of Guardians of the Galaxy and stands with his toes just touching the yellow line. I take my iPhone out of my pocket, start searching for a new track, thumb on the screen, eyes on the boy. I walk past him, brushing his coat with my elbow and continue walking for ten, eleven steps. I stop and shuffle my feet, turn to face the wall. He’s at the edge of my vision.
Trouble is, when I start, I can’t stop.
I choose a tune. Every Breath You Take. But change my mind. I pick an episode of Dexter, after all this may be a long journey. I can feel him looking. My eyes are on my screen. And if I hold it at the right angle I can just see his reflection. But I can’t see the flowers. The cobalt blue flowers. On the tie. Around his neck.
Trouble with me, once I start…
The air pressure changes. My hair whips around my throat. The train aproaches.
My mouth is dry. My heartbeat quickens. I have one moment to decide.
Once I start. Stopping is…
The doors open. He steps on the train. He sits down. The little blue flowers have golden stamen. And green stalks.
My trouble is.
Stepping on to the train, I catch his eye. Smiling, I sit opposite him.
Trouble is. Can he?
Stop. Me.

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