When the sea came and knocked her over, it did not know the good she’d done. When it sent its wave to Incheso beach it was ignorant of her life’s fineness. When it crashed down and smashed her small head upon its rough bed it was oblivious to how she’d say some people believe different things depending on where they’re raised. It’s a point of view same as yours. And how she’d saved the professor and raised her kids to know the difference between right and wrong. Given everything she’d got.

So hush. The sea did not know.

When Millicent Evelyn Thali heard the warning and saw the wave, she reckoned twelve meters high so no chance what with her legs and her age, her reactions. She calmly unpinned the bird brooch and gripped it tightly (noticing how the sparrow seemed more like an owl). Somewhere her mother’s voice was whispering don’t waste good fortune.

Silly. NW6 and those times were far off lands now.

At fifty seconds and counting Mrs.Thali walked towards the horizon and turned her back to the rising swell. Gathering all the might she could muster (yes every last bit) she threw the brooch to the rocks, laughing at the strength she still had in her arms.

The sun saw and it knew the goodness she had done. It had seen the fineness of her life. How she’d say everyone’s deserving, and remember the details that made all the difference. Her smiles and promises.

The sun knew. So it sent its rays to warm her head. It cast her one final glint and picked out the bird diamonds wedged there on the rocks. A simple sparkle.

So hush. You see.

Millie drowned smiling, knowing what would be, would be.

You know, how she used to say.

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