Silent Greeting

He saw her inside the Station, with a golden ribbon in her hair. He swept her a bow; she curtseyed in acknowledgment. Every day they passed one another in the same place. He bowed, she curtseyed, but they never spoke. They shared nothing but a smile.

At an antique fair one day, he found a brooch, a little gold bow and thought how good it would look on the collar of her coat. The next day, he bowed even more elaborately than usual and held out the brooch to her. She shook her head, lost her smile and forgot to curtsey. So the day after, he wore the brooch himself on his fedora hat and ignored the stares of passers by. This time, when he bowed, she laughed and her curtsey was deeper than ever. Next day, he wore the brooch again and she wore a tie pin in the shape of an arrow. Instead of a curtsey, she bowed back to him, took off the pin and held it out. Now it was his turn to shake his head. Every day, they met and never spoke. He wore the brooch and she wore the pin.

He did not see the man who jostled into him and made him stumble. Before he could recover his balance, the thief snatched the hat with the brooch and ran off with it. She saw it happen and gave chase. She caught up with the thief and hit him with her handbag. She came back towards the station with the hat on her head and the brooch in her hand. She took off the tie pin and held them both out. He took the pin, she put the brooch on her collar and they kissed.

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