The Enchanted Hornbeams

Page Green gave birth to a girl. She held the baby close promising her the best life any child could have, unaware of her family’s impending deception. They wanted a boy who could earn his keep when older. So while she slept they stole the newborn baby and abandoned her in the wilderness. Page’s grief cut into the hearts of all who heard. She vowed never again to speak to her family or bear another child.

She left her village and wandered alone for many years, comforted by the trees in the day and the stars at night. Decades passed and she tired of the nomadic life. In a meadow near a town Page planted seven hornbeams in a circle. She sat within and watched the world and her life go by.

One morning she was awakened by the cries of a baby girl, lying beside her. The baby had black skin and black hair. She looked about her and saw no one else around so she kept the baby. A month later she awoke to find another; this one had almond eyes and golden skin. Soon after another arrived, blond haired and blue eyed. Eventually she had seven girls, all perfect and all unique.

She raised the babies as her own. As one family. They squabbled as sisters do about everything but loved each other. They grew to be both gifted and beautiful, revered by many men. When they persistently refused all suitors, their mother asked them why? They replied, ‘But don’t you see? We want to stay together.’ So she sent them to live in the sky.

The Seven Sisters stars shine forever bright, pursued by an ardent lover destined never to catch them. The Seven Sister trees are treasured to this day on land called Page Green.

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